• Fimax Standard Laminated P-touch Tape TZe-131 TZ131 TZe131, Black on Clear TZe tape for Brother Labeler PT-D210 PT-H100 PTD400AD PT-P700 PTD600, 12mm x 8m, 5-pack

Color name: 12mm, Black on Clear (5 Pack) Product UPC:0653391190999

Model number: Compatible Brother TZe-131 Labeling Tape Cassette


width 1/2 inch, length 26.2 feet. Applicable to the labeling machine as Brother label tape.

Warranty: 2 years Guarantee for all label tapes sell from Fimax. If you get any problem with our product, please contact us with Email.

Laminated tapes, resist abrasion, corrosion, fade and waterproof. Could be used in various places, like office, home and many other indoor or outdoor places.

Compatible for Brother P-touch Label Printers: PTD210, PTD400, PTH100, PTD200, PTD600, PTD600VP, PTE100, PTE300, PTE500, PTH300, PTP700, PT18R, PT200, PT550, PT1000, PT1010, PT1090, PT1100, PT1190, PT1280, PT1290, PT1950, PT2030, PT2030AD, PT2200, PT2430PC, PT2610, PT2700, PT2730, PT7600, PT300, PT310, PT320, PT520, PT540, PT1400, PT1090BK, PT1230PC, PT9600, D200, PTD400AD, PTD400VP, PTD450, PTH300LI, PTH500LI, PTP700, PTP750W, PT200, PT1000, PT1010, PT1090, PT1130, PT1160, PT350, PT520, etc.


Contain: 5 PK Fimax Compatible Brother TZe131 (TZ-131) Label Tape.

Dimension(each item): Size: 1/2"(12mm) Length: 26.2 feet(8m).

Color: 12mm, Black on Clear (5 Pack)

Model number: Compatible Brother TZe-231 Labeling Tape Cassette


Standard laminated label tape, produce by high-quality heat-sensitive material. Print clear and natural. Non-performing rate is less than 1%.

The printing process is completed at the bottom of the protective film so that the tapes will not be damaged under harsh conditions.

The production raw materials is non-toxic and harmless, Our label tape can be used for food containers, food packaging, food processing.

Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, Waterproof, anti-fade, High temperature resistance, strong adhesive.

Widely used in office, power and telecommunication industry, warehouse management, school libraries, hotels, medical laboratories, asset management and other fields.

Use For Brother P-touch:

GL-100 PT-200 PT-1000 PT-1000BM PT-1010 PT-1010B PT-1010NB PT-1010R PT-1010S PT-1090 PT-1090BK PT-1100 PT-1100SB PT-1100SBVP PT-1100ST PT-1120 PT-1130 PT-1160 PT-1170 PT-1170S PT-1180 PT-1190 PT-11Q PT-1200 PT-1230PC PT-1280 PT-1280SR PT-1280VP PT-128AF PT-1290 ST-1150 ST-1150DX PT-7100 PT-D200 PT-H100 PT-E100 PT-E200 PT-18R PT-300 PT-300B PT-310 PT-310B PT-320 PT-340 PT-ST1150 PT-ST1150DX PT-1300 PT-1700 PT-1750 PT-1760 PT-1800 PT-1810 PT-1830 PT-1830C PT-1830SC PT-1830VP PT-1880 PT-1900 PT-1910 PT-1950 PT-1960 PT-2030 PT-2030AD PT-2030VP PT-2100 PT-2110 PT-ST5 PT-H300 PT-H300LI PT-E300 PT-330 PT-350 PT-520 PT-540 PT-580C PT-1400 PT-1500PC PT-1600 PT-1650 PT-2200 PT-2210 PT-2300 PT-2310 PT-2400 PT-2410 PT-2430PC PT-2500PC PT-2600 PT-2610 PT-2700 PT-2710 PT-2730 PT-2730VP PT-7500 PT-7600 H500LI E500 E550W P700 P750W PT-530 PT-550 PT-3600 PT-9200PC PT-9200DX PT-9400 PT-9500PC PT-9600 PT-9700PC PT-9800PCN

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Fimax Standard Laminated P-touch Tape TZe-131 TZ131 TZe131, Black on Clear TZe tape for Brother Labeler PT-D210 PT-H100 PTD400AD PT-P700 PTD600, 12mm x 8m, 5-pack

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